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R. L. Morgan Business Strategies' goal is to empower individuals to become their best in family, business, or community relationships. You were placed on this earth for a purpose. We want to work with you to realize your potential and ability to live a better life. God ordained this time for you to be on this earth to make a difference. We want to work with individuals like you to recognize and remove self-limiting thoughts and behaviors so you to reach and accomplish your personal and business goals. We will help you get your life, business, and personal documents to position you for greatness and life satisfaction.

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Core Values:

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    Integrity - We will do what is always right because it is the right thing to do, and we will encourage others to do the same.

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    Accountability - We are accountable to our clients as well as to others for our decisions and actions. We expect our clients to be responsible for themselves to be successful.

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    Discipline - As a company and individually, we are to help our clients to regulate their behavior, actions, and make improvements.

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    Authority - A person with authority has the power to make a change.

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    Knowledge - Knowledge allows an individual to make a logical, informed decision about the situation or circumstance.


A life coach can help a person discover their life goals and dreams.



The business strategist will help the person to plan and achieve business goals.